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Fundraiser Information


This is our SECOND year to help our students out with Costumes, Production, and Tuition Payments!! All you have to do is participate in our annual fundraiser and you will receive a cash credit to your account to go towards these payments.

The fundraiser will be DUE MONDAY, October 27th. If you are not able to turn it in on Monday, October 27th between 4pm and 8:30pm, please make arrangements to turn in your order forms and payments BEFORE this date. The expected arrival date of the items will be November 12th-17th. Please understand that the passout process can be a bit hectic, as we need the items to be picked up the same day that they are delivered to the studio. This is because many of the items are on dry ice. The items we will be selling this year in the “Variety Pack” include candy, cookies, cakes, soup, popcorn, etc! Please participate in our fundraiser, as sometimes it can pay for an entire costume or a whole month of tuition!


Click HERE for more detailed fundraiser information!


Click HERE for extra order forms, in the case that you fill up your first form that we gave you!

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