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Recital  2023  -  "Boom! Pow! Dance!"


Class & Individual Photos Sunday May 21st @ APDD starting at 1:30pm 


Dress Rehearsal Saturday May 27th 3:00pm @ Brosig Performing Arts Center

Recital Sunday May 28th 5:00pm @ Brosig Performing Arts Center

Adults: $6 - Kids 10 and under FREE - Kids 10-18yrs $4

*Tickets will ONLY be sold at the show, and you will receive a stamp upon purchase

Cash and Credit Cards will be accepted

Dancers are FREE 💃 

Please remember to always refresh your browser! Please click on a button below to view the PDF of this handout! Shoot us an email if you have any questions!!Thank you!


How to put on your fake eyelashes - (Mandatory for all classes except Combo A/B/C/D & Hip Hop A)

Click here to Purchase your recital Video or Poster! 
Posters will picture this years company teamS! 
Don't forget to purchase flowers for your dancer for after the show! Pre-order now to ensure your bouquet! We usually sell out before the show starts! 

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