2019  Tryouts


Are you interested in being a member of the 2019-2020 APDD Company Team?! Every year students and teachers work very hard to compete in the spring.  Below you will find basic information about our contest teams and what will be required of you if you decide to try out.

Competitive teams offered 2019 – 2020

  • Tiny Team 

  • Mini Team 

  • "Junior" Hip Hop Team

  • JV or Varsity Team (3 genres)

  • Please understand that not every team may make. Teams are created by skill, level, and interest (number of students) 

  • These are not official team names. Team names will be assigned after tryouts!

When signing up please let us know what you would like tryout for! Levels (Tiny/Mini/Jr/Jv/Varsity) will be considered during tryouts! We need to know what genres of dance you are open to, or if you are only interested in ONE dance such as hip hop. Please understand that it is very difficult to make a "Jazz" team if you have never had any Jazz training! 

Tuition rates:

Tuition is $55 for one hour a week (One team - 1 dance)

Tuition is $100 for 2 hours a week (Two teams - 2 dances - for example: Mini Hip Hop & Mini Jazz) 

Tuition is $85 for an hour and a half per week. Only available for advanced students doing three dances of different genres, instead of just one. There are some special discounts for contest students and siblings.

*This year, we will be offering a special opportunity for former Mini dancers. This will include a 2 hour class but will include a Hip Hop, Jazz, and Lyrical routine. For those who do not make all 3 routines, we are considering including them in the 2 hour class ($100/month) so that they may learn the required technique desired. However, they will only compete and perform the dances that they make at tryouts! 

Being on a contest team is not only a big responsibility and dedication for the student, but for the entire family as well.  Being on a contest team is a big financial responsibility that should be considered before signing up or trying out. 


Upcoming MANDATORY Dates

(concise version) **Click below for APPROXIMATE DATES/PAYMENTS CO TEAM 2018**

  • June 4th and 6th (Tues & Thurs) – OPTIONAL Tryout Preparation 

    • Time 1hr btw 5-7 pm $20. 

    •  Although this is not mandatory, it is essential for new team members, as well as returning members.

    • We will go over what tricks and technique will be asked to perform in the choreography on tryout day. Younger groups will learn choreography. 

    • More Tryout Prep is available upon request. Please email or text Mrs. Abbey for availability 9368705078. 

  • June 8th (Sat) – TRYOUTS $5

    • 10:00am-approximately 12:00pm 

    • New Teams posted by 12pm Sunday Morning 

    • PLEASE READ below tryout information carefully

  • June  9th (Sun) – MANDATORY New Team Meeting

    • 5:00-6:30pm

    • Student(s) and Parent REQUIRED TO COME

    • $100 due ALL students-NO exceptions!

    • Please bring your planner or calendar!

    • Returning members, PLEASE bring your warm-ups for sizing new members!!!



A $5 tryout fee is required to tryout as well as a parent signature. Our tryout is June 8th Saturday from 10am- approximately 12pm. Our tryout will start promptly at 10am, the studio will be open as early as 9:30am to come in and sign up and put your number on. This year we will offer a practice during the week before to prepare for tryouts, if you would like more, let me know and I can schedule you in. It will be held June 4th and 6th (Tues/Thurs) time 1 hour btw 5-7pm TBA $20 a session. Tiny and Mini age will come 5-6, Jr-Varsity age will come 6-7. Let us know if you are interested or will be signing up for these!  This is optional but will be very helpful for new students as well as returning students. On the day of tryouts, students will learn several 8 counts of choreography and perform in front of a panel of judges. Students will perform with a group, not by themselves. Students MUST wear all black tight fitting clothes to tryouts (the leo from finale is a great option). MUST bring ALL dance shoes + sneakers. MUST wear performance make-up and studio earrings.  Failure to do so will result in a deduction in your score!!!! Yes we have extra earrings. What you wear to auditions says a lot about how you will follow directions during the year. Remember appearance is a part of your score!! You will be judged based on your ability to learn choreography, the skills that you have already mastered, and your potential to master other skills.  This is an audition. Your score will also reflect your attitude and respect during tryouts. There should be no attitudes, chit-chatting, goofing off, or horse play during tryouts or you will be asked to leave. Once everyone has tried out, the scores will be tallied, and the results will be posted online. The mandatory new team meeting will be June 10th SUNDAY at 5:00pm. Parents and students MUST attend. All will take place at the studio.


Click below to pay your $5 tryout fee online now!! For 2-3 students please change the item number when checking out. 


$5 - one student <Click Here

$20 - one prep class <Click Here

*Please email us this information with your payment:

1. Student Name:

2. Parent Name:

3. Student Age (As of June 1st 2019):

4. Student Birthday:

5. Student Grade ('19-'20):

6. Genre(s) or team (listed above) that you would like to tryout for: 

THANK YOU!!! We are so excited that you have decided to join us for tryouts this year!!!