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Combination Classes

Recommended for Beginners: 

Combination Class: Ages 3-18 can register. [$60/mo]

Meets one time per week for 45 minutes or 1 hour depending on the age of the students. Students receive training in various forms of dance: Ballet, Tap, and Acrobats. Students will perform two routines in May Recital.


What to Wear:

  • Attire

    • Tight Fitted Clothing ONLY.  

    • Recommended - Leotard and Tights with Skirt, Tank Top with Jazz or Yoga Pants, Biketard, Booty Shorts, Tank Top, Biker Shorts - any combination of these 

    • ABSOLUTELY NO - Jeans, Denim,  Non-Stretchy clothing, T-shirts, Basketball or baggy shorts

    • Acceptable - Material able to stretch

    • Please be aware that when we do acrobats it is best to be barefoot so that there is no slipping. If you choose to wear tights to class please make sure they are convertible (can go around the ankle or over the toes), are footless, or that you cut a hole at the base of the foot so that they may become convertible tights.

  • Shoes

    • PINK ballet shoes 

    • BLACK tap shoes 

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