Company Camp 2019


1) Our Company Camp this year takes place Monday-Thursday July 22nd - 25th. Tiny Hip Hop and Mini Teams will meet from 8:30am-10:45am. Mini Elite and Senior Team will meet 10:15am-12:30pm. Please do not be late, as every minute at Co. Camp counts!! Please do not drop off students more that 15 minutes before starting time. Also, please make plans to pick your children up ON TIME. Demerits will be enforced this week to help teach discipline to our students. Parents are encouraged to help their student(s) with this policy. Always let us know of emergency situations, and we will do our best to help! Demerits will be given for a late arrival, absences, forgotten items, improper attire, and not following directions. Please make arrangements for special circumstances BEFOREHAND!!!!!! 


2) We will be revealing Big & Lil "dance" sisters on Tuesday, and students will be exchanging gifts on Thursday. These DO NOT need to be store bought! I encourage you to get creative and make it yourself! Some examples can be a decorated picture frame, decorated box for bobby pins and pony tails (for contest), or anything else you can think of!! Get creative!! **After finding out your big and little "sibling" we will be filling out "ALL ABOUT ME" Sheets. This will include information about your big or little sibling that can help you when making or choosing a gift, such as their favorite color, favorite print, etc. These will be sent home on Tuesday.


3) It’s the start of a new year, please come with a GREAT attitude. Bad attitudes during camp will NOT be tolerated & will result in demerits, or in extreme cases removal from the team. Remember that demerits due to a bad attitude or disrespect cannot be removed but will still have to be worked off. Merits will not be able to cancel these out. While this is a time to work hard, it is also a time to build friendships and HAVE FUN! We want this to be a very positive experience for everyone so that we can all bond as a team! 


4) Don't forget - we will be dressing in theme each day! You may most definitely pull from your closet, past costumes, or dress up clothes for this, and do not need to buy new things. Spiff yourself up with accessories hair and make-up for our group pictures! Get creative!!! Please make sure that your choice of outfit is able to be danced in. You have the choice to remove some items (hat, or other accessories) when we start for the day. We will pick a winner before we start each day, so GO ALL OUT!!! Dressing in theme is MANDATORY! Get creative and HAVE FUN with it ;) All of our theme days will spin off of our Recital 2020 theme, "Dance Millennium" 

**Please remember, as long a you participate, you will not receive demerits! You may take your own spin on each of these. As long as you participate, there are not necessarily any right or wrong choices! ​

5) We will be working the girls hard during this week on tricks, splits, technique, etc. I would suggest that everyone start stretching (if you haven't been already). This includes stretching splits! It would be a great idea to bring water and or healthy snacks. NO SODAS! Heathly snacks include, but are not limited to: carrots, protein bars, fruits, etc. Soda and chips/candy will not encourage your body to keep working hard! If you already have one of our APDD waterbottles, please bring this, as I will allow students to refill it from the cold refrigerater water in the back. After each session we will have a quick break to get a drinks/snacks/RR break (5 mins OR LESS). Come prepared to work hard!! *Demerits will be given for trash that is continually left and not thrown in the trashcan. Since I don't alwasy know who left the trash, most of the time these demerits go to all of the company team members. Be a great team member and pick up others trash that is left, and you may get a special treat from your director for saving the entire company from getting demerits. 


6) LOCK IN: Our sixth company lock-in/party will take place on the last day of our company camp THURSDAY JULY 25th at 8:00pm. Pick-up will be FRIDAY morning at 8:00am. Let us know if you need to pick up earlier! Make sure to bring sleeping bags, pillows, PJs, a change of clothes, toothbrush, and anything else you might need! Parents will need to pick up students no later than 8:00 AM Friday morning. If you cannot pick up your child at that time, please make arrangements before then as we will be leaving shortly after 8:00am. We encourage all students to come as this is a MANDATORY and great bonding experience for our teams. Dinner will be provided, but if you feel you want to  bring snacks/food/or drinks for yourself, or to share with everyone else, this is also allowed! If you are able to or would like to donate $5 towards pizza, this would be greatly appreciated and will earn your student a merit! 


I am very excited about all the talent we have on our company teams this year! We are going to have a great year, so let's start it off great at camp! I am looking forward to seeing everyone! Please let me know if you have any questions. There is a concise schedule/checklist for company camp below!! 


Tiny Hip Hop and Mini Teams 8:30am-10:45am

Mini Elite and Senior Teams 10:15am-12:30pm

  • DAY 1 Monday:

    • Shine Bright Like a Diamond​

      • Bling it out!!! Silver and/or Gold. Ssequins!​

  • DAY 2 Tuesday:

    • Nothing But Neon​

      • Wear all of your Neon Colors​

  • DAY 3 Wednesday:

    • Back Streets Back​

      • Dress up as your favorite Boy Band Member - is NOT limited to Backstreet Boys ​

  • DAY 4 Thursday:

    • Millennium Superstar​

      • Dress like a superstar/popstar, or your FAVORITE star of the 2000s!​

      • Nothing Bundt Cake orders will be ready for pick up time TBA

    • Sleepover ​

      • Starts at 8:00pm​

      • Bring Big/Little Sister gift

      • Please bring $5 to go towards pizza, this will also earn you a merit 

      • Pick-up at 8:00am Friday morning (let us know if you need to pick up earlier!)