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Jazz & Lyrical Class


Just Jazz Class: Ages 3-18 can register. [$55/mo]

Meets once per week for 45mins. Learn leaps and turns and different fundamentals of dance. Class consists of learning 1 routine for recital, and perfecting different Jazz techniques. Excellent class for those planning to try-out for drill team or gain a general knowledge of dance technique.



What to Wear:

  • Attire

    • Tight Fitted Clothing ONLY.  

    • Recommended - Leotard and Tights with Skirt, Tank Top with Jazz or Yoga Pants, Biketard, Booty Shorts, Tank Top, Biker Shorts - any combination of these 

    • ABSOLUTELY NO - Jeans, Denim,  Non-Stretchy clothing, T-shirts, Basketball or baggy shorts

    • Acceptable - Material able to stretch

  • Shoes

    • TBA Color of Jazz Shoes for recital

    • Foot Undeez are fine for class

    • Ballet Shoes are fine for class

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