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Company Teams 2022  - 2023







Are you interested in being a member of the APDD Company Team?! Every year students and teachers work very hard so that we can have a lot of success and fun at competitions.  Below you will find basic information about our contest teams and what will be required of you if you decide to try out.

Why would I want to be on the APDD Company Team??

  • You get to compete your dances against other studios and get the experience of going to a dance competition!

  • You get cool warm-ups and company merchandise!

  • We have extra parties for Company Team members!

  • We have a lock-in at the studio in the summer! 

  • Make friends and have a team bond!

  • Perform at community events! 

  • You get to perform in the Opener and Finale in the recital!

  • And MUCH MUCH more!!! See our slideshow below!









Being a member of the team:

To be a member of a contest team, you will have to sign a our APDD COMPANY TEAM CONSTITUTION stating that you have read it thoroughly and that you promise to abide by our policies. Please make sure to thoroughly read through ahead of time so that you will understand everything about being on a company team. This document can be found on our website under the COMPANY TEAM tab, or by clicking the button on the top of this page. Being on a contest team is a big responsibility.  Please consider the commitment you will have to make before trying out for a team.


Mandatory Events:
There are multiple events that will be mandatory for all contest team members.  This year, we will have a summer camp, dress rehearsals, competitions, community performances and our annual recital.  All of these events will be mandatory. Community performances will only be mandatory for elect teams performing. 


Demerit System:

We use the demerit system to enforce rules for the contest teams.  Team members will have to work off these demerits in a timely fashion in order to remain on the team.  Please read through our constitution for more information on this! Although this is used for discipline, please understand that this is also a healthy way of conditioning to build up the dancers strength and endurance. 


Fundraising opportunities:

For the past couple of years, we have had fundraisers through our parent booster club! Please sign up.   Although fundraisers are not mandatory, we strongly suggest that you use these to your benefit! Being on a contest team can get pricey as the year progresses. Some kids earned up to $500 by participating in our fundraisers last year! Please take advantage of our fundraisers!!!

Tuition rates:

Tuition is $55 for one hour a week (One team - 1 dance)

Tuition is $90 for one hour and 45 minutes - (2 teams - Hip hop & Lyrical, or Hip Hop and Jazz) 2 dances 

Tuition is $100 for 2 hours a week (Junior Team - 3 dances) 

Being on a contest team is not only a big responsibility and dedication for the student, but for the entire family as well.  Being on a contest team is a big financial responsibility that should be considered before signing up or trying out. 

Competitive teams offered 2022 – 2023

  • Lyrical Team 

  • Hip Hop Team

  • Jazz Team

  • Junior Team (3 Routines)

  • Please understand that not every team may make. Teams are created by skill, level, and interest (number of students) 

  • These are not official team names. Team names will be assigned after tryouts!

When signing up please let us know what you would like tryout for! Levels (Tiny/Mini/Jr/Jv/Varsity) will be considered during tryouts! We need to know what genres of dance you are open to, or if you are only interested in ONE dance such as hip hop. Please understand that it is very difficult to make a "Jazz" team if you have never had any Jazz training! 

New Team Roster 2022 TBA
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